5 Ultimate Self Care Tips to Surviving Winter

The holidays have passed and now it's time to enjoy the winter months while we wait for spring to come. Here are some easy tips for you to survive this winter with self care at the center.

1. Hydrate

This should be a year-round tip, but always a healthy reminder to hydrate your body because the dry winter air can really take its toll sometimes.

2. Move Your Body

Whether that means going for a short walk on a sunny day or an indoor workout, movement is key!

3. Spa Nights at Home

Low key, slower evenings make winter so cozy and the cooler nights something to look forward to. A few ideas, like drawing a nice bath, lighting a relaxing candle, or pouring a hot cup of tea will help keep the simple acts of self care exciting.

4. Try Comfort Food Recipes

Explore new meals in your kitchen with your loved ones that are warm, hearty, and make you feel good.

5. Learn Something New

Refresh your mindset by trying something you have been thinking about for awhile. Anything from yoga to an online course, use the time indoors to advance yourself and you'll feel so much better for it.

Cup of tea in front of window showing the snow outside.