7 Perfect Scents and Who They are Perfect For

Shop by scent this holiday season! By reading through the descriptions below, a person or two may pop into your head.

Love You Mom Candle in jar with white lid leaning against its side is being lit on top of a stack of books against a white background.


We are here to help you find the perfect candle scent for all the people on your holiday shopping list! Scents are an aspect of life that really connect with people - whether that be to calm them, to make them hungry, or to remind them of a special memory that makes them smile. Candles can bring that out for you and the people you are hoping to surprise with a special gift this holiday season!

Lavender Fields

We all have family members who are a bit extra, right? This candle will bring out the spa going, essential oil loving, sleep obsessed person in for a big hug when they open their gift and smell the most lovely and calming scent ever!

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Christmas Tree

Am I the only one who has a fake tree, but tries to hide it with a Christmas Tree Candle? No, probably not - but that is my secret! It makes the tree feel real and the home feel cozy all December long.

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French Vanilla or Peppermint Vanilla

For the sweetest person in your life! A classic scent or a casual holiday twist for the baker in the family.

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Mulled Cider

This is for the fun aunt who loves red wine, sweet desserts, and lots of holiday hugs! They’re hilarious, adorable, and you just love to love them.

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Candy Cane

Perfect for the friend that is a Christmas elf year round! Let’s face it - this person has holiday spirit all the time and they are the ones who know where the best market is. They have also tried all the sugary Starbucks concoctions as soon as they are available.

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Winter Walks

Perfect for the dog walker of the family! Fresh scents that bring the outdoors inside when it is just too cold.

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Gingerbread House

This candle always brings to mind a childhood best friend who you used to decorate cookies with and get covered in icing in the process! This could be for a sibling, a neighbour, or whoever! This candle is all about the memories.

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You can also get any of these scents and more in our Quote Candles! We have I Miss Your Face, Best Mom Ever, Most Loved Grandma - the options are endless. Cheers to hoping we can relieve a little bit of your holiday stress this year.