Behind the Scenes of Candle Making

We love sharing our behind the scenes photos and videos with you on social media and here, we'll be sharing our candle making process with you. This will include steps, supplies, and juicy secrets!

First, when preparing to pour, we have to ensure that all our candle jars are ready to go. We test a variety of wicks with the different scents multiple times to find the best wick that suits the fragrance oil and wax mixture. We place the wicks at the bottom of the jars and centre them - they usually have a sticky tab at the bottom which makes our job so much easier!

We also add a warning label to the bottom of the jar before pouring. This includes the scent name and helps us identify the candles later, but also includes special information for you on how to burn your candle safely. Lately, we have been using Sticker Canada. They are a Canadian sticker printing company and they have been so great providing us with high quality, custom stickers that are exactly what we need from the large collection that they have available. Check out their website here for your sticker needs!

Once the jars are prepped, we set them around the edges of a table and check on the wax. The wax melter must have completely melted to a liquid before we start, so it's always super important to check! We pour the wax into a jug and add the specified amount of fragrance oil (this amount is decided based on our testing done earlier, just like the wicks). And the stirring begins! We have to stir consistently and often to ensure the fragrance oil to wax mixture is consistent throughout the whole batch.

Two images separated by a white line. The image on the left is a machine being used to pour wax into a grey container. The image on the right is the same grey container being used to pour wax into a clear candle jar.

Finally, we pour! We only pour small amounts of candles at a time to ensure the product is perfect for you to have or to give as a gift for your loved ones!