Everything You Need to Know About Bath Salts

What are bath salts?

Bath salts are the most wonderful products that make for the perfect luxury spa soak in your own home. We call them "bath salts" because of their main ingredient - Epsom Salts, Sea Salts, or Himalayan Pink Salts (and sometimes products will include a mixture of these types of salts). Able to dissolve into warm water, they can be an inexpensive cure all for anything from stress to aches. It even helps with dry skin and as the next Canadian winter comes up, bath salts can help you feel soft and smooth all over!

How should you use them?

The key is to lock yourself away from the world for some peace and quiet in your bathroom sanctuary. Then, you draw the perfect bath - warm water, adding the salts to the running water as it fills the tub. The recommended dose is one to two cups depending on your needs. If you have sensitive skin, it is always good to test out the product with less quantity and find out just how much you need because every body is different. Other products like bath bombs or bubbles can be added too! You can get added bonus points for the right setting - lighting a candle, reading a good book, or playing calming music in the background.

Image of a bath tray over a bath tub with items on it - cup of tea, books, candle, flowers.

If you need something quicker and on the go, you can always try mixing up salts with some oil products, like coconut oil, to make a scrub. Rubbing this can remove dead skin and make you feel refreshed!

Why are they so good for you?

There are a million and one reasons that will tell you why bath salts are good for overall health. A basic summary is that bath salts:

  • Increase energy

  • Soothe muscle and joint pain

  • Exfoliate skin

  • Help to provide relief for chronic pain

  • Promote restful sleeps

  • And feel really good!

Our Products

Now that we have given you all the reasons for why you need bath salts in your beauty routine - we have options for you!

Our Lavender bath salts are Calming - the only thing you need for that evening soak or shower to put your body and skin in that restful state giving you the perfect end to the day.

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And our Pink Grapefruit bath salts are Uplifting! They will feed you that energy you need to be your best self throughout the day comfortable in your own skin because you know you did the right thing and served its needs!

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Always remember: Everything you do for your health should be an act of love! Your body does a lot of work for you, so take care of it when you can.

Image of a hand holding a pink sponge that is shaped like a heart with soap suds on it.