12 Gift Ideas Inspired by Fall

Did you know that catching a falling leaf can bring good luck? Just another thing to love about the Fall season.

The leaves are changing colours. The air is getting cooler. And we all have that one friend who cannot get enough of it. You know who they are - posting pictures of apple picking, hanging out at the cool patio in town with a blanket to stay warm, and wearing the biggest scarfs you didn't even know existed. And let’s be honest, we love to see it. Fall is the perfect season to curl up and embrace everything that is cozy before the rush of holiday craziness takes over.

If you are shopping for yourself or that special Pumpkin Spice Latte loving friend, you’ll be happy to know that there are so many options to choose from. Exploring locally made and handmade options to items that will bring the whole family together in the kitchen - we have something for everyone!

Pumpkin Sweater

A sweater that can be returned to year after year with a simple, elegant, and handmade design.

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Pumpkin Spice Candle

A scent that cannot be ignored this time of year. This is the perfect gift for the people in your lives who have the Starbucks app on their phone.

Essential Oils

Don’t let the stress of upcoming holidays stop you from enjoying the time with friends and family.



Fresh new pillows that look so cozy, we are ready for weekends indoors with that obligated nap time on the couch.


Floral Candle Favours

Perfect for fall events with a design that will be adored by your guests!
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Scrunchies in the best colours for fall bring those warm tones into your hair and are the perfect accessory on a fall hike.
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Lavender Gift Box

As the nights get cooler and the days become shorter, it is the perfect time to invest in self care with the dreamiest bath set.
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These earrings look exactly like the leaves as they fall from the trees. Sustainably made, too - we love to support our fellow green businesses.

Cinnamon Bun Candle

The perfect candle to make any space feel homey.

One Pot: Three Ways by Rachel Ama

Explore healthy eating while still managing the schedules of kids, work, and play.


Cute Gnomes

This is the perfect item for that goofy person as we transition through the holiday season.


Mulled Cider Candle

This candle transports you to an orchard with the added smells of cinnamon and citrus.

For all our friends missing summer, do not worry! Summer won’t be gone long - the warmth will be back before you know it. And we will be putting out a Summer Gift Guide in time for those birthdays, barbeques, and weddings that end up filling our schedules each weekend.