How To: Draw The Perfect Bath

There is nothing better than ending a long day with an even longer bath! Here’s an easy how to with fun tips and tricks that will make preparing your bath and cleaning up afterwards so much easier!

First, collect what you want to include. My favourite additions are:

Having all these items close by the tub when it’s ready will save you from running around later when you need it.

Start with the hottest water when you first fill your tub and then slowly add cool water in the last few moments in order to get it to your ideal temperature.

Add some bubble bath right under the tap when you start the water, so that it can reach the edges of the tub and rise to the top of the water.

For extra soft skin, try adding a little bit of coconut oil. It will have you feeling lush, creamy and extra moisturized.

When you’re ready to add the salts and flowers, place them in a mesh bag that will help them dissolve and this will also keep the pieces that do not dissolve all together, so you don’t have to clean your bathtub once you're done.

Now that the water is hot and ready, hop in for your self care night that will bring you the restfulness that you deserve!