New Year, New You! 12 Resolution Ideas for 2022

Are you the type of person who doesn’t make resolutions because they don’t usually stick? Well, I am sometimes. I always think I’ll forget to keep doing it and fall out of a routine, but I thought why not this year? Trying something new could be my resolution!

For anyone who needs some ideas, check out the list of 12 resolutions below and take one if you want, alter it to fit your lifestyle and challenge yourself to be the best version of you! Happy new year and cheers to you!

Champagne glass with gold glitter inside.
Give one compliment each day.
Set a maximum screen time limit on social media each day.
Read one book per month.
Floss each night before bed.
Reduce your waste.
Drink more water (from a reusable water bottle).
Start a new hobby (with a friend or by yourself).
Buy less plastic.
Make your bed every morning.
Go for a walk outside every other day.
Write down one goal you have once a week and a plan to achieve that goal.
Show yourself kindness everyday (big acts or small compliments).