The 10 Perfect Gifts for Mom on Her Special Day

We are counting down the days until Mother's Day. May 8th 2022 is just around the corner and will be here before you even know it! Have you given any thought to Mother’s Day? Taking mama out for brunch or on a beautiful spring walk is the perfect “To Do” and gives the gift of quality time spent with loved ones. But do you really want to spoil her? Explore our list below of special items that will make all the mothers in your life feel luxurious, calm, and beautiful!

Cool Mom Pink Grapefruit Gift Box

Pink Grapefruit gift box with a candle that has a label with text saying "You are not a regular mom, you are a cool mom".
If you know, you know.

Spa Gift Card

You cannot go wrong with a gift card to a local space that offers all kinds of spa treatments. My personal favourite is for the manicure because it takes one task off my to do list, but facials, massages, and so much more have the most wonderful effect that will have mom, grandma, auntie, and stepmoms feeling the love.

Custom Glassware

Wine glass that says Godmother on it.
Perfect for mom’s special juice.

Mama Candle

Mama candle lit in front of a pink background.
Need we say more?

Mom's Special Book

 A book about my mom with a pencil crayons next to it.
This could be a special project done with mom and younger children as a fun activity that can be remembered forever.

Lavender Bath Bomb

Lavender Bath Bomb being dropped into water.
Give mom the free time to enjoy a spa night at home with a bath bomb that brings out a sense of calm with the scent of fresh lavender.

Plant Potter

 Plant pots that say "home is where mom is".
For all the plant mamas out there, we got them covered!

Spa Day Candle

Spa Day candle being lit on top of a stack of books in front of a white background.
Our newest candle scent is perfect for Mother’s Day! Lemons and lilac smell exactly like spring should.

Tote Bag

Yellow and white striped tote bag being picked up.
You can even pack this bag for a picnic out on Mother’s Day and then mom can just take it home afterwards.

Mama To Be Lavender Gift Box

Lavender gift box with a candle that has black text reading "Mama To Be" and a black heart underneath.
We have even thought about the pregnancy announcements and future mothers who will be celebrating their first Mother’s Day next year! Congratulations from the Kim and Pom team!